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For those of you in the community who have been following PVH nurses struggle to get a contract that will keep nurses and patients safe, you should know that the hospital has provided a "final" offer that would keep us far behind the community standard for many years to come. It is an offer that would run nurses out of PVH to seek employment at better paid and better staffed hospitals elsewhere in the community.  This would leave PVH even more short staffed and with newer/less experienced nurses who would use PVH as a training ground, allowing them to find employment at other local hospitals and make a significantly higher wage. This has already been happening  at an alarming rate, and would most definitely continue long into the future. We surveyed nurses to see what they thought of the hospitals 'final' offer. Nurses are overwhelmingly unwilling to accept such an insulting, misguided, and foolish offer. Here is what nurses have to say:


I believe a fair wage should be extended to all nurses. It is imperative to entice & retain good employees by having a fair & competitive wage. Our patients deserve the best.

1/3/2021 7:35 PM


Continuing to work at below market wages will be impossible for me. I continued to drive from Sacramento to work here because I really enjoy the people that I work with and believe that we are doing great work at PVH. Realizing that PVH does not value us as much as they should though makes it impossible to justify staying here when there are so many other options. At a time when all facilities are experiencing staffing shortages for who knows how long, this would be the perfect opportunity for leadership to step up and show that they really care and are willing to do what is right for all of their nurses who have sacrificed so much.

1/3/2021 2:12 AM


I just want a great hospital for this community that I live in. I want to be proud of PVH again.

12/31/2020 8:31 PM


I just gave notice because I can't afford to work at PVH any longer.

12/31/2020 10:34 AM


In this present health-care climate, it is imperative that PVH compensate their nurses competlively w/ wages of other local hospitals to retain qualifies, dedicated staff.

12/31/2020 7:43 AM


Every day I have come to work at pvh for the last few years, I am LOSING money. By not taking a job at any other local hospital, I have shorted myself, my family, and my future, THOUSANDS of dollars. Why? So that providence st joes can save some money for further invest in stocks.

12/29/2020 2:45 PM  


I don’t have any hope that the hospital will give nurses competitive wages, they have shown little concern about retention or morale. They talk about core values but do not lead by example. They treat PVH nurses as lesser. I am looking elsewhere. So sad.

12/29/2020 6:37 PM


Dont value its employees

12/29/2020 8:51 PM         


As a new nurse it makes me not want to stay if I could be making more at a hospital run by the same facility owners

12/29/2020 8:01 PM     


Petaluma has a higher cost of living than Santa Rosa. Our patient demographic and training requirements are the same. I transferred here from memorial with the understanding that the contract was in negotiations and monetary discrepancy would be equalized. I would strongly consider taking a job at memorial if wages cannot be equal.

12/29/2020 7:48 PM     


I will definitely look for another job.

12/29/2020 7:07 PM         



12/29/2020 6:13 PM 


PVH needs to really offer competitive wages to retain staff. I am witness of the valuable talent that we have lost to better paying hospitals over the last 5 years or so. PVH needs to step it up because we cannot longer afford to settle for less, not with the ever-rising cost of living.

12/29/2020 3:09 PM


We are losing great nurses due to low wages compared to surrounding hospitals.

12/29/2020 3:09 PM 


We are losing and will keep losing good staff if wages are not competitive among the other hospitals which creates unsafe environment for patients and staff.

12/29/2020 3:05 PM 


In the long run, I feel like we need to hold out for comparable wages in order to retain staff at PVH. If we our wages are still far below the wages of surrounding hospitals then we will continue to train staff and then lose them to other hospitals. The hospital is currently working on expanding into med surg south. How does administration plan on hiring and then keeping staff in order to increase hospital capacity? If you look at our exit surveys for people who have left, most have left because of wages. We have good people who work here and we deserve fair pay. The hospital has signs outside and inside the hospital saying that they care about their nurses and their families. We have been fighting for a fair contract for several years now. Actions speak louder than words. I do not feel cared about. I feel insulted. I know many other nurses feel the same. We have been shown that administration believes Santa Rosa Memorial hospital nurses deserve more because they say that hospital is more acute. Or is it because it’s bigger? Are their nurses better? We do the same job and we are just as good. There are other hospitals in our area that are smaller or less acute than us and they still get paid more. We have been working so hard during this COVID crisis. You would think we would be celebrated and applauded and thanked. To show us that they would give us a raise that is comparable to other hospitals around us, especially Santa Rosa Memorial hospital. I feel hurt, I feel let down, I feel disappointed in our ministry.

12/29/2020 2:36 PM  


Petaluma is a unique hospital in the way we do things and in the way we have to continue to be flexible with how our assignments can change in a moments notice where we give up a patient to take a patient. Also, we are not the redheaded stepchild and deserve to be treated better and in this day and age it comes down to pay. How little you wish to pay us translates into how little you think of us.

12/29/2020 2:30 PM  


Below market wages affect me in every way. We live in an expensive county where finding a place to live with a family is difficult. I really enjoy working at PVH because it’s like a family but there are other hospitals in our area that offer more compensation for the work that we do.

12/29/2020 1:49 PM  


I love PVH, but I have bills to pay and a family to support. If I could be paid more for doing the same job somewhere else, why would I stay? In what universe does this seem like a good idea?

12/29/2020 1:46 PM     


I would need to look for a better payed job.

12/29/2020 1:35 PM 


I am so disappointed with the hospital taking this stand. We do the exact same work as SRMH nurses. This is discrimination at it’s worse. It has been very difficult this last several years to work in an environment with constant turnover. When the hospital is so unsupportive, it definitely makes me when to go elsewhere to better benefits, consistent safe staffing, and an environment where my contribution is noticed and appreciated.

12/29/2020 1:26 PM  


I would strongly consider seeking employment elsewhere if we do not receive the higher wages we deserve.

12/29/2020 1:06 PM


PVH nurses work hard for the community and should be fairly compensated as the rest of the region had! We deserve it! Not less..

12/29/2020 1:02 PM  


PVH is the only hospital I have worked at where the staff truly care about each other despite having incredibly low wages compared to other hospitals in the area. It has been demoralizing to see so many great nurses leave PVH because they feel they cannot progress in their careers and salaries. The hospital acts as if it is the union that is the problem however they have waited until contract negotiations in order to offer increased wages so that they can use it as a chess piece against the nurses.

12/29/2020 11:18 AM 


I have to find another job and leave PVH if we keep getting the below market wages. I really love the team I work with but I have to take the step to leave if don’t get the competitive wages.

12/29/2020 11:12 AM  


Unable to attract or retain experienced nurses, continued staffing shortages, lack of staff cohesion, all resulting in substandard patient care.

12/29/2020 11:04 AM  


Nurses at pvh work hard in order to insure safety and better care for the pt we deserve a competitive pay like SRMH!!!

12/29/2020 10:53 AM 


I would leave this year if our wages do not increase dramatically. Working on an understaffed, under-supported unit is burning me out. I was insulted by comments made about PVH being “lower acuity,” that is simply not the case on OB. Providers push the limits all the time, admitting patients who are high risk and we persistently have to advocate for safer scenarios. Furthermore, this year alone we had ~2 uterine abruptions, a uterine inversion, a code white requiring intubation and transfer, and multiple neonatal transfers, all done with little resources and under staffing. To conclude, I feel my license is at risk frequently working in this hospital.

12/29/2020 10:22 AM  


I think that it is clear that we are not really part of the “St.Joe’s” team when they do not want to pay us the same wages as others working for the same company. It just doesn’t make sense.

12/29/2020 10:06 AM


If we continue to get below market wages, I will most likely leave within a year, I am a staff nurse III, Lead RN, and a member of 3 committees.

12/29/2020 9:58 AM  


If we accept below market wages we are setting a precedent...or setting the bar.... on how much we are willing to be ‘abused’ by our employer. We have been humiliated enough during the negotiations which have been going on for a ridiculous amount of time, no other self respecting profession would accept this treatment...!

12/29/2020 9:37 AM  


I will look for employment elsewhere.

12/29/2020 9:34 AM  


In the long run I will seek employment elsewhere if wages are not equal to other hospitals in the area.

12/29/2020 9:28 AM 


Poor wages influence ability to hire and retain competent staff, which affects everyone, including patients. Suggest that admin wages be 12% below Santa Rosa...

12/29/2020 9:28 AM  


If the conditions at the hospital continue to decline even with the new operator, I will most likely look for a new job. It would break my heart ❤️ to leave my PVH family.

12/29/2020 9:27 AM  


In my 6 years as a PVH employee, I have seen numerous nurses leave ONLY because of the wage disparity. We are in a constant staffing crisis. PVH could be such a lovely place to work, but the current environment is demoralizing and toxic. Without a competitive, living wage, we will never retain nurses. It is almost impossible to live in Petaluma on a single income and sadly, even a challenge to those with two incomes. Therefore, it is all too common for nurses to be hired at PVH and within a short time realize that they cannot afford to stay. I am a highly experienced nurse and have recently had a major life change which will most definitely cause me to consider whether continuing to work at PVH will meet my financial needs.

12/29/2020 9:27 AM  


Cost of living across the board around this area is so expensive already, have to drive to work from home far away just to afford a rent. PVH is the lowest paying for its staff for a hospital around the bay area. For at least we if we can be at par from other hospitals around our area.

12/29/2020 9:25 AM


PVH Nurses do not deserve less than surrounding hospitals. They actually deserve more because of the horrible work environment, such as never ending mold, no workflow materials, medications scattered from one corner of hospital to another, like musical chairs, have to take so many extra steps to accomplish one simple task. Lack of staff, because can’t hire and retain nurses, when they do hire $ is spent on training and then the nurse leaves when they realize how disorganized and inadequate the hospital is. Yet PSJH believes we PVH Nurses should be super stars, work with less, do more, smile, and accept 10-12% less in wages than there hospital 13 miles up the highway. Well, let Everyone know PVH nurses have one priority and that is to keep the patient in the bed safe, at ALL costs!! There is NO WAY patient safety can be maintained when nurse attainment and retention can’t happen. When PVH nurse turnover rate is as high as It is at PVH, that says it all! PVH nurses will never jeopardize patient safety, EVER. Patients ALWAYS COME 1st. We must have the ability to hire and retain core nurses at PVH to keep patients safe.

12/29/2020 9:18 AM  


Would management except lower wages, no raises, feeling less than if they were in our shoes? Why is PVH treated differently than Memorial in regards to compensation?

12/29/2020 9:08 AM  


I’d consider quitting and taking a travel contract.

12/29/2020 9:06 AM  


Unacceptable that the hospital is not offering us PARITY with Santa Rosa, we are the same system in the same county sharing the same patients. The hospital has saved millions during these negotiations by paying us 2015 wages (which were lower than average to begin with) for the last 5 years! It is time to give us the respect and wages we deserve. High staff turnover is expensive and affects staff morale and more importantly, it affects the quality of patient care. We need to retain a base of experience and knowledge and that can only be done with truly competitive wages!

12/29/2020 9:04 AM  


We need to attract more nurses. The lack of staff and the constant calls from the hospital trying to get staff to cover is unacceptable. We are expected to be the band aide for their inability to staff the hospital.

12/29/2020 9:02 AM  


I absolutely love working at PVH and my team on my unit, however, I know there are better opportunities elsewhere, especially if I could be making significantly more. At this point, I would consider staying longer if wages were more competitive, however, there is not much else holding me here.

12/29/2020 9:01 AM  


I feel like nurses will leave and go to other local hospitals. Which would mean we would lose the team we currently have. PVH would lose more money in the long run because they would need to hire and train new employees. Take care of what you have and they will stay longer

12/29/2020 8:58 AM  


I can’t save any money to buy my own house. Eventually I will have to move....

12/29/2020 8:57 AM


With the staffing so tight and the mix of RNs mostly either new nurses or travelers, it has become increasingly difficult to justify staying at PVH. Being denied the wages I feel I deserve would surely cause me to take my knowledge and over 15 years of experience elsewhere.

12/29/2020 8:56 AM  


PVH Nurses are just as important and deserving as SRMH Nurses. Reduced pay is not fair to PVH staff.

12/29/2020 8:54 AM  


I would be forced to seek employment elsewhere with a company that offers fair compensation.

12/29/2020 8:51 AM 


Without appropriate pay at PVH, I plan to leave the hospital for a better paying position. I commute an hour to work at PVH and there are hospitals closer to where I live that pay much more.

12/29/2020 8:47 AM 


We are unable to retain good nurses when our pay is so low compared to the rest of the county. We have worked hard during the pandemic and deserve equal pay or more than SRMH as our cost of living is also higher here in Petaluma. It is shameful that PVH does not recognize this.

12/29/2020 8:40 AM 


Need to attract and retain quality RNs and a competitive wage is the only way

12/29/2020 8:33 AM 


If we don’t get fair wages and adequate staffing we will continue to see high turnover. We have lost 50% of our staff in the ED in the last 8 or 9 months. This affects the culture and safety of our hospital. Personally, I will more aggressively look for another job if we can’t get what is fair and right.

12/29/2020 8:31 AM 


If we do not, at a minimum get parity with SRMH, I will leave PVH. We will never have adequate safe staffing and continue to be a revolving door for new nurses who train and leave, morale will remain poor, and above all I will continue to feel disrespected and unhappy. Heroes indeed!

12/29/2020 8:29 AM 


We need to keep PVH safe for our patients and our staff. We need to be competitive to attract both experienced and newer nurses that are willing to be invested and committed to our hospital. We need Providence to recognize the devoted employees that have stuck it out and are deserving of market wages. We do deserve parity to SRMH or very close to parity in our contract and at least by the end of the proposed contract.

12/29/2020 8:27 AM


Looking at possible resignation this has gone on for too long

12/29/2020 8:26 AM


I think we should be given the same wages as SRMH, The nurses and other staff work with so many more resources than us on a daily basis. It is the only fair thing to do at his time

12/29/2020 8:20 AM


It’s absolutely insulting that the fewer years you have dedicated your professional life to PVH the less of a raise you get. PVH is clearly interested in recruiting new nurses but not retaining those of us who have shown immense loyalty by continuing to work for the lowest wages in the county.

12/30/2020 7:49 AM


Below market wages qualified and competent nurses will not stay, there will always shortage of staffing. Nurses will not be able to be productive and patient safety is not provided.

12/30/2020 12:51 AM


It’s insulting and demoralizing to make less money than the nurses that work at SRMH. I don’t appreciate being treated like a money grabber when all I want is a fair & competitive wage.

12/30/2020 4:45 PM


Before I didn’t care what I was making because I love all my coworkers so much it wasn’t about the money, but With the increasing demand on nurses with covid surges and higher acuity patients and having lost a lot of valuable employees over the course of trying to come to a deal with this contract, when deciding which hospital to pick up an extra shift at between the two I work at, unfortunately I will be looking at other factors now and if I can make more money at the other hospital with more help then I will choose that one over PVH even though I have to drive further to get there.

12/30/2020 2:52 PM


We can’t retain core staff with below market wages

12/30/2020 10:48 AM


The management at PVH should take a 14% cut in pay for three months and see how it feels to be undervalued.

12/30/2020 10:42 AM


Need more staff

12/30/2020 10:18 AM


I don’t understand why PVH does not want us to have equal wages with SRMH when it’s a sister hospital. Are we supposed to be outcast? PVH has gained for not increasing wages for years!

12/30/2020 9:55 AM


We must be within 5% of the pay scale of surrounding hospitals in order to attract and retain employees. Otherwise, we continue to have staffing shortages and expensive turnover and no team working. It is also more expensive to live in Petaluma than santa rosa.

12/30/2020 9:39 AM


I just gave notice because I can't afford to work at PVH any longer.

12/31/2020 10:34


In this present health-care climate, it is imperative that PVH compensate their nurses competlively w/ wages of other local hospitals to retain qualifies, dedicated staff.

12/31/2020 7:43 AM    


I am so sick of being understaffed, under paid and under valued by this employer. Working conditions have been terrible for the last few years, all related to short-staffing and constant nurse turnover. I want a more or less constant, stable, dependable team that together, we can provide the level of care our patient's deserve. The hospital's offer will only accentuate the problem making an already chronically unsafe situation worth. I don't want to leave PVH. I don't ever want to strike, but I will do both if this disparity with local hospitals is not fixed to a point that we can turn this place around and get good nurses to work and stay here. Our patient's deserve so much better and so do we.

12/30/2020 8:52 PM


Lower wages equal high turnover which leads to understaffing. Understaffing leads to inadequate patient care. Often times understaffing also leads to CES pay. It seems more logical to pay nurses a little more to retain them.

12/30/2020 7:43 PM


We PVH staff working hard & we deserved wages increase like SRMH, we care about pt we are sacrificing a lot especially this pandemic stress level was so high we deserve like SRMH staff wages, why not give us same benefits

12/30/2020 7:01 PM


I believe that fair wages and better ratios and staffing are necessary

12/30/2020 5:57 PM

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: November 6th 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: Early October 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: Mid August 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: End of July 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: Mid July 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: July 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: June 2020

Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: May 2020


Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: March 31st 2020

PVH Nurses, 

We hope you are all as well as you can be, and taking good care of yourselves and your families during this crazy time. There is a lot of information out there as we try to adjust to this new norm and stay safe. So many of our PVH nurses have been actively gathering information, raising questions, reaching out to the community for support, and sounding the alarm over working conditions. It has been amazing to witness. There is no possible way we could have accomplished all that we have done in just this week alone without each other’s help and a continued commitment to safety for us all. THANK YOU (you know who you are)! 

There is a lot to get everyone caught up on and there is always the danger of missing something important if an email is too long, so this will be a two-part email. One now and one tomorrow.

For today... Do you remember that piddily 2% wage increase the hospital offered a couple months back? They offered it on the condition that we would not be involved in an “Informational Picket” for 90 days, among other things. Well, this last week highlighted exactly why you NEVER EVER want to silence your ability to advocate for yourself or your patients. Your life could depend on it!

The IP scheduled for the 25th of March was originally going to be a combined last shot across the bow between SNP and NUHW before we might be looking at the need to strike. But then with COVID-19 and social distancing entering the picture. We thought at first to cancel the IP. In fact, we did take steps to do just that. But at the beginning of last week we found it necessary to go forward with the IP after all.

Nurses recognized that it was not possible to maintain social distancing within the hospital and that there are many people who have tested positive for COVID-19 who had never shown many symptoms. Given that we practice face to face report, use common areas, work shoulder to shoulder while turning patients etc… the Union sent out the recommendation to wear a mask at all times while in common areas. Nurses jumped on it but were met Tuesday morning by med-surg management telling nurses to take off their masks! Some nurses did who were unsure, but then the unit stuck together and masked up, refusing to compromise everyone’s safety. We also had a nurse who had a rule out COVID-19, who was brought into a manager’s office and chastised for wearing hospital issued scrubs instead of her own! She didn’t want to possibly take COVID-19 out into the community when she left work that day.

These were not isolated incidents and with management refusing to provide us with PPE, we had to get out and alert the community. So, the IP was back on! We had to find a way to alert the community to the danger we were being put in, but we had to do that without putting ourselves and them in danger. We had some old PPE that we pulled out of storage, kept our numbers of nurses to below 10, grabbed our signs and alerted the press! Side note: our CEO was walking around the hospital that day saying we were “wasting PPE” by being out there, but two things, 1) if raising awareness to the staff not being given PPE saves one life, is that worth 12 or so gowns and masks? 2) if we had been out there without PPE, would our CEO have labeled us a “danger to society” or something along those lines? We wonder.

The Argus is all over this story and is following our continued struggle with this employer very closely. We have the community gathering PPE to help keep us safe. The mayor has also joined in the search and has directed us towards a donation of 1000 N95 masks!

Long story short, and we expect this to be an ongoing struggle as the hospital attempts to cut costs during the pandemic, the Hospital is providing PPE. And these changes ONLY came about because you all banded together and got out and raised awareness! This is the power of a unified voice. If you want a mask, it will be provided. It needs to be the appropriate one, but a mask will not be denied. Scrubs are now also being offered currently to people in direct care of a rule out or confirmed case and for all ED staff, but there is talk of how to get all of us taken care of in this regard. More on this in part two.

Redeployment/Cross-training: The Hospital has sent a couple emails recently surrounding their wanting to “redeploy” nurses to other units and to other facilities during the pandemic. SNPs position is that any redeployment of a nurse from one unit or facility to another, outside of what is in our current contract, will be done on a volunteer basis on the part of the nurse, that safety for the nurse and the patients shall be maintained (this includes proper training), and that the nurse has the right to rescind the offer at any time. Main things: volunteer, safety and right to rescind. Got it?

Emergency 80 Hours of PTO: Hot topic. In your work email, the hospital is offering all benefited employees an emergency fund of 80 hours of PTO. This is a good gesture on the part of the hospital, but they don’t have it quite right. Talks are ongoing, and our expectation is that the conditions surrounding the 80 ETO fund are that it will be available to all nurses. Period. Our own PTO shall not be utilized during the pandemic unless a nurse decides to take a previously approved request for time off. Nurses will need PTO for sick instances, vacations or decompression time after the pandemic is over, and requesting them to empty their own PTO during a worldwide pandemic where they are putting their lives on the line is not acceptable. More on this to come too.

COVID-19 related information and requested expectations: We met with the Hospital via conference call this last Friday and they responded to the list of concerns and requests SNP made weeks ago. That list was sent via your personal email. If you didn’t see it, check your spam box. We will be sending our response to their responses this coming Monday and will forward that response to you in part two of this email so that you can see our stance on certain things, what the hospital has committed to doing as a response to our concerns, and what further questions or requests we have made of the hospital.

ADOs: Fill these out and keep them coming. Don’t settle for less than you need to keep your patients, yourselves and your license safe. Hospital lawyers don’t take breaks during pandemics. Any time you don’t have enough staff, are caring for a patient who’s level of care is not appropriate for your unit, anytime you don’t have the PPE or resources to do your job safely, fill out an ADO.

Negotiations: Remember those? If your team thought life wasn’t busy enough in trying to juggle home, work and negotiations, COVID-19 came along to add to the mix! However, we are continuing to negotiate. It is all to be done virtually which has some advantages. We are working on proposals and giving Rachel, the mediator, topics to discuss with the hospital in between sessions to keep the ball moving. Our next scheduled day to negotiate is on April 7th. We will update you as to how things sit after that day. We are hoping that being able to work virtually and in between session will speed the process up now and bring some closure to this chapter in our lives.

Stay unified. Just as staying united has given you the PPE you needed, staying united will get you the contract you need as well. The community is fully behind us, trusts us to speak up for them and keep them safe. With all eyes on hospital workers and community safety, the timing couldn’t be better.

Until next time,

PSNP Leadership


Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: March 5th 2020

Hey Everyone,

We had Negotiations this last Tuesday.  We were joined at the table by the Federal Mediator.  We decided last month that the time had come to get her involved.  We finally had gotten enough Articles tentatively agreed upon to make what was outstanding managable and with the Hospital refusing to budge on those remaining and really important Articles, the timing was right.  Her name is Rachel and she spent the first half of the day with the Hospital and the second half of the day with our team going through the outstanding Articles and listening to our positions on why we are fighting for each of them.

Our next session will be on the 18th and she asked that we give her a few Articles to focus on and she will see if she can open up the lines of communication around those Articles and hopefully produce some movement.  

She is also the Mediator for NUHW and she is very aware of our upcoming Informational Picket and is also aware that if PSNP and NUHW can't come to an agreement with the Hospital soon, there is a good chance there will be a hospital-wide strike.  So, she is motivated to help if she can.

You are always encouraged to come and listen in on Negotiations.  Rachel is approachable and enjoyed having some of our Nurses in attendance the other day.  We will let you know as soon as we know, what room we will be in on the 18th.

Til then, focus on getting out to the actions your coworkers have set up these next few weekends and help where you can in the planning for the IP on the 25th.  Please help get as many people there as you can between 11am and 2pm.  We are gonna make some noise!



SNP Leadership


Another Historic First For PVH Advocates!

PVH Nurses, you have done it again! You’ve shattered records and expectations! Yesterday’s vote had 90% bargaining unit participation with a 93.5 % Yes vote!

It was a day filled with emotions. We set up the voting booth on the corner across the street from the NUHW workers strike line and there was no break in the action. We were afforded a great view of the strike line and the unity and collective resolve shown by our coworkers is inspiring. PVH has a lot of scrappy fighters to say the least! Basically everyone of us, both those who were striking and those who were voting for strike authorization and supporting wish we didn’t need to be out there, but we do. We are determined to get what our patients need, what we need and what is best for the life and longevity of our community hospital. That said, the day was really fun in so many ways. Our coworkers are our family away from our families and this sentiment was very apparent no matter which side of the street you were on! From kids and dogs dressed out in support to everyone on the line doing “The Wave” with their picket signs, there was a lot to be thankful for.

Together we will prevail!

One common topic was just how much money and effort this potential operator is spending to try and break our resolve to get what we need. They would rather put their money into fighting us than investing in us, investing in our hospital and investing on our community. Is this the kind of employer we want going forward? One that we have to fight with for basic rights and so that we can just remain competitive?

Reports are filtering in about the unhealthy working conditions and unsafe staffing that are occurring while our qualified and quality staff are locked out and you should know that the proper agencies have been notified. Thank you to all of you who have been documenting and reporting on what has been taking place within PVH’s walls while the strike and lockout continue. Keep up the great work!

Again, awesome job on the vote everyone. You have given your bargaining team the backing and support they needed. Public pressure is the game plan, but striking is now a real option if it comes to that.

With much gratitude,

SNP Leadership



Mayor of Petaluma Teresa Barrett speaks out in support of Petaluma Valley Hospital nurses!



Bargaining Unit Negotiations Update: Strike Authorization Vote

Hi PVH Nurses,

Thursday's session started off with some fireworks.  We responded verbally to the hospital's economic package and our response was not well received. As the Bargaining Unit nurses who were present can attest, we were very clear with admin as to why we were giving such a response. We wanted to give them some honest feedback on their package and about how their promoting of it was received by you. In your words, the economic package that they presented a few weeks ago was more than an insult to those of us who have been working now for years in our fight to get a safe contract. We have been bending over backwards to keep this hospital a place we want to work and a place that is safe for our patients to come to. We have been working in an understaffed and underpaid environment for a very long time. We went through the 'Memorandum" that the hospital had put out following their economic package which was so full of misleading and empty statements that it deserved some shared feedback from our nurses. Nurses felt straight out lied to in the memorandum. We passed-on some of the comments and feelings you shared with us around the different points and praises that were written in that memorandum. Basically, the memorandum made it sound like they had offered a good, competitive package and that they did this because they appreciate and want to honor all the hard work and dedication we continue to provide to our patients and our hospital. It sounded good on paper, but when nurses found out what was actually being offered, they were livid!

Know that as a Union made up of fellow nurses, we will NEVER EVER ask you to accept less than you deserve. You will not hear us asking you to ratify a contract that does not offer the protections you need and one that contains the economic component we need to be competitive with local hospitals and attract strong nurses. Their economic offerings have a long way to go before it would be acceptable.

One last thing on economics... the hospital wants to honor all the hard work and extra shifts everyone has been picking up over the years by offering NO RETROACTIVE PAY! How's that feel? Do you feel appreciated?

We are to the point now where we need to hold a Strike Authorization Vote.  This vote would give your Union Bargaining Committee the ability to call a strike if it was deemed necessary. To be clear, it is NOT a notice of our intent to strike. It is a chance for you as a group to send a warning to the hospital to be careful with their next steps in negotiations. Striking is serious business and we want to exhaust all efforts at the table and in the community before we would go down that road, but there does come a time when enough is enough. The vote will happen very soon, and your participation is a must. Everyone needs to show up and cast a ballot and the results have to be a strong, resounding, and united YES if we are going to get the contract we deserve!

There will be more information coming very soon as to the why's, how's, and benefits of conducting a Strike Authorization Vote. Included will be the dates and times the vote will be conducted, and everyone will be contacted personally prior to the vote. We are in the endgame now everyone. Time to engage in this fight. The light at the end of this tunnel is starting to show.

United for our patients.  United for our coworkers.  United for each other.

Important upcoming dates.

1. Monday the 11th. Groverman Hall from 4 to 6pm.  Monthly PSNP Board meeting. Your attendance is encouraged. Strike Authorization Vote and Joint Action with NUHW in December are big talking points.

2. Next Negotiation day is next Wednesday the 13th. 10 am in the computer lab in upper Burns Hall

3. Strike Authorization Vote on November 20th Place and time TBD

4. Joint Action/Community Forum/Dinner and Music planned for December 12th. Details to follow later

Thanks Everyone,

Jim Goerlich
PSNP President


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