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Save the Family Birthing Center at Petaluma Valley Hospital

Providence and its affiliate NorCal HealthConnect are in negotiations with the Petaluma Health Care District board to purchase Petaluma Valley Hospital. The proposal must be approved by Petaluma-area voters on November 3rd in Measure CC. As a part of the tentative sale agreement, Providence has only committed to keeping OB/GYN services at Petaluma Valley Hospital for 5 years. 

We insist that Providence increase their commitment to keeping OB/GYN services in Petaluma for years to come. Without these award-winning services, large portions of our local community will be without nearby high quality medical care for moms and babies, and residents will no longer be able to give birth at their local community hospital.

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Listen to union leaders and staff from Petaluma Valley Hospital, including Jim Goerlich RN, President of Petaluma Staff Nurse Partnership, Tyler Kissinger, Organizer for National Union of Healthcare Workers, Registered Nurses Jessica and Lisa, and Mayor Teresa Barrett discuss the decision of the Petaluma Health Care District to move forward with the sale of PVH to NorCal HealthConnect, a secular affiliate of Providence St. Joseph. Find out why the caregivers at PVH aren't ready to support the sale of the hospital to Providence St. Joseph. Click the button below to stream the radio broadcast and hear this engaging discussion around a range of topics affecting the Petaluma community.






"Vote NO on CC!  Any campaign that only features hospital administration and local big wigs with no actual health care workers promoting it is a RED FLAG to me!" B.A. Oakhill, Petaluma

"For five years, Providence has terribly treated its nurses, let the hospital mold proliferate, and now expects to slide into ownership. The healthcare district has let Petaluma down by DOING NOTHING except for wanting big $$$$. ..... Petalumans may think they like the small, cozy town, but they are allowing a mega corporation to come in to their very own hospital and forever continue to degrade our Petaluma Valley Hospital. Vote NO on Measure CC for the sake of our PVH!" L.K. Kenilworth, Petaluma

"Thank you for sharing this information. I had already heard that the nurses were not included in any decision making in the hospital contract. There should at least be one representative of the nurses in any decision making. That would be giving the nurses representations which they deserve. It would not mean allowing the nurses to direct how the hospital is managed. No representation equals no ability to express a decision based on their knowledge of how the hospital is run. We have no need to support an autocracy or an oligarchy in order to have a hospital in Petaluma." - P.W. Walnut Park, Petaluma

"This program actually resulted in my changing the vote I was going to cast in the ballot I just completed. It was a good program. I encourage everyone to tune in and listen." - S.K. Oak Hill, Petaluma

"It's always a red flag to me when people engage in scare tactics. That usually means some big business is trampling the rights of others. In this case, the nurses." - M.S. Oak Hill, Petaluma

"Getting through the fog of obfuscation appears to be the first task for an informed voter these days! Count me in as a "no" vote on CC." - D.D. Oak Hill, Petaluma

"I am so glad this thread was started. I am working on my ballot now and am new to the area so I am undecided about CC until I learn more. Off to investigate further at Inside Petaluma 103.3. Thank you." - M.W. Oak Hill Petaluma

"Paladin passed after obstacles from Providence. Sebastopol has a much smaller community and they tried to run it on their own. The Sebastopol hospital is now an excellent sub-acute facility FYI. If Providence is out of the way then a better entity BE ABLE to come in. In any case, Providence has to continue for another 2 1/2 yrs so the hospital won't close. Providence has played this whole situation like a cello." - L.K. Kenilworth, Petaluma

"I think we can do better than SELL our hospital to a business that does not treat nurses with respect. We also need to continue to provide gynecological services to women for more than 5 years. This is another short-term fix with long term negative consequences. Vote NO on Measure CC And I am not a nurse, and have never been one - but I think it is insane to lose control of our hospital." - B.A. Oak Hill, Petaluma




PVH Nurses and our Community,

Below is a link to "Inside Petaluma".  It is a local radio show that airs every Friday from 11am until 1pm on FM 103.3.  PVH Nurses were asked to join them this Friday to discuss what is happening in PVH and what Nurses are dealing with around COVID19 and how we felt about the possibility of Providence purchasing our hospital. If you are local, you can of course listen live on Friday.  If you are not local, you can listen in by clicking on the link and if you miss the broadcast for some reason, you can still listen to the archived interview. They are logged chronologically which means our interview will pop up first.

Please forward the link or this email to your friends, families and neighbors. The more people who hear this message the better.


PSNP Leadership

Pulling Back the Curtain on Providence St Joseph Health





From left to right: Jim Goelrich (PVH nurse and President of SNP), Holly Hamm (PVH nurse and mother of Koben), Koben Morgenthaler (Petaluma resident and author of the article to the right), Teresa Barrett (Mayor of Petaluma), Molly Luvender (PVH nurse), Lisa Martz (PVH nurse)






We asked, you listened! This was an article that appeared in The Argus Courier, written by the son of one of our very own PVH emergency room nurses. Thank you Koben!


"My mom is an emergency room nurse, and the hospitals nationwide are facing severe mask shortages. As a community, we need to recognize that it is in our best interest to prevent our doctors and nurses from contracting COVID-19. This is a call to donate N95 masks you may have to the healthcare workers in our area.

In these uncertain times, looking to countries where COVID-19 has been spreading for longer can give us insight into what to expect in our future. If this is any guide, one thing should be abundantly clear. In countries like Italy, healthcare systems are being completely overwhelmed.

Even with an optimistic view towards the impact of social distancing, healthcare resources and staff will be the bottleneck our community faces. Healthcare workers are on the front lines of this pandemic. If they get sick, the already understaffed hospitals will be even more strained.

If this reaches a sufficient pitch, difficult choices will have to be made. The hard truth here is that these masks work, that is why it is so critical for healthcare workers to have them. IT is also why, in a pandemic, they are the last thing people want to give away.

Even if you can donate just a few, however, you will have an impact. Preventing a healthcare worker from contracting COVID-19 is probably one of the highest impact, most altruistic actions you can take right now. We all want there to be an abundance of nurses and doctors if we or our loved ones come down with the virus; giving N95 masks, along with social distancing, are the actions we can take right now to ensure our healthcare systems remains robust.

Please go to for drop-off locations. Thank you!"

Koben Morgenthaler


Mayor Teresa Barrett Supports PVH Nurses


What Petaluma Nurses Expect

PVH RNs Held Hostage