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Petaluma Valley Hospital nurses need your support now more then ever!


If you have followed our story, you know. If you haven't, now more then ever, we need you to start. 

In early 2016, Petaluma Valley Hospital nurses filed a petition to decertify from CNA (California Nurses Association), the registered nurses union that had represented us for the past 30 years. The decision did not come lightly and was the result of a steady decline in effective, honest, and appropriate representation by CNA. 

The nurses of PVH wanted a union that could advocate for them and their patients, a union that wasn't married to the corporation they claimed to protect us from, a union that was focused on protecting PVH nurses and patients, instead of racking up union dues and doing backroom deals with St Joseph Health to increase their revenue stream.

Mid 2016, a core group of nurses formed PVH’s very first in-house, nurse-run union called Petaluma Staff Nurse Partnership (SNP). A union FOR nurses, BY nurses. All we heard was “you can’t do it, don’t go small!” but in December of 2016 we held a historic vote that resulted in SNP becoming the new union to represent registered nurses at PVH.

Since this time SNP has been negotiating a new contract with St Joseph Health, the current operator of PVH. St Joseph Health is doing everything they can to undermine the longstanding contract language and safety protections that nurses need to care for patients safely.

Now more then ever St Joseph Health is showing their true colors. Amidst a global pandemic, nurses at PVH are being disciplined and shamed for trying to protect their patients, themselves, and their families from COVID-19. This is a shining example of how little St Joseph Health respects or values its caregivers.

SNP continues to fight for your safety.



About Us

Petaluma Staff Nurse Partnership (SNP) is an in-house, nurse-run union, started by registered nurses working at Petaluma Valley Hospital, for registered nurses at Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Board of Directors

Jim Goerlich
Deb Mercieca
Catherine Armstrong
Linda Bauer
Lucinda Lofftus
Jessica Valdez
Julie Harrison
Lisa Portman-Fain


Jim Goerlich – President
Lucinda Loftus – Vice President
Mary Silveira – Secretary
Catherine Armstrong – Treasurer